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Tunnelmia Helsingin klubitalon koulutuksesta 2

Helmikuussa 2018 Helsingin klubitalo toivotti tervetulleeksi Tallinnan ja Moskovan klubitalojen väkeä. He osallistuivat tarjoamaamme koulutukseen, jossa yhdessä amerikkalaisten kollegoittemme kanssa  englanniksi perehdyimme klubitalomallin mukaiseen toimintaan. Alla Tallinnan klubitalon jäsenen tunnelmia kokemuksesta. Klikkaamalla tästä pääset lukemaan myös Tallinnan klubitalon johtajan kokemuksia.

Clubhouse Training in Helsinki

20180221_112743I have been a member of Haabersti Clubhouse for 16 years, 1 month and 6 days. In addition to previous experience in clubhouse training, I read clubhouse articles, during training I participated in clubhouse discussions and at the Helsinki Club House on a work-oriented day and I went to see another Helsinki clubhouse for the second time. At clubhouse training I was in contact with clubhouse members, employees and trainers of different nationalities. International experience was interesting for me and getting acquainted with new people is valuable. The people in the clubhouse of different countries were friendly and nice. We were united by membership in the clubhouse community and values…

In clubhouses all over the world, the most important thing is that all club members are needed. Without members work oriented-day could not take place, which is the heart of the clubhouse. Members and staff work side by side to make the Clubhouse work. The number of employees is such that they cannot do all the work themselves. The staff is also needed in the clubhouse.

Only employee friendly attitude towards members is not enough for members to value themselves. There was one clubhouse a few years ago where the staff were friendly but there was little work for them. A worker cannot interfere with my well-being, said a member of the club to another clubhouse employee. Work has a healing effect. The benefits of rehab, to heal a club-house’s work-oriented day, are the biggest one to do more different jobs. Everyone wants to try different kind of jobs. One job don’t belong to one person.

Work in the clubhouse comes from the needs of members. Many years ago I was thinking about eating. A lot of questions came up. Who is preparing? Who is serving? Who is washing the dishes? What to cook? Where can we get fresh materials?  Who answers the phone? Who cleans? How to count members? Or who is doing other different jobs: searching for information, filling forms, searching for theater tickets and bus tickets, paying taxes, managing clubhouse computers.

In Finland, the work-oriented day was 8 hours. 8.00am was opened. 8.15 meetings started in units, which lasted 15-30 minutes. The pace was calm.

The Helsinki Club House makes little breaks in the middle of the day. An effective break gave new strength. The vacation helped to furnish 8 hours of work-oriented day. I took part in the work and training unit meetings. I studied at the Helsinki Club House for transitional jobs. It was the fixation of the value of my own workplace. I attended a meeting in the kitchen and prepared meals, washed dishes with dishwashers. They have a 5 week menu ready and I saw food ordering. In the office or administration unit, I attended a meeting and saw how much people came to explore clubhouse, pretty much about five.

The Helsinki Club House has a café 10.00-10.30. There are a lot of things you can do and prepare: fruit salad, sandwiches with ham, cheese and salad, liquorice, banana, orange, tea, coffee, juice. When there was some lunch left, it was sold with half price.

During the training, we talked about the adoption of new members. Why do you need clubhouse staff? How to create the necessary work for the whole day? What if someone does not agree to do lunch? If nobody agrees then it is not important.

Among New York Fountain House members, there is much less hospitalization and homelessness than Americans in general.

The discussions were long. We talked about standards. We made an action plan and had conversation with Finnish and American people. How they have solved the same situations. I enjoyed the time at The Helsinki Clubhouse a lot.

I liked that there were a lot of meetings. I got communication experience with people of other nationalities. I got to practice English and Finnish. It was nice to get new friends. I felt like I got some more knowledge for the future. Some conversations succeeded very well, I felt successful. It was good to feel the care and encouragement of others.

Thank you to all the clubhouses for this opportunity.





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