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Tunnelmia Helsingin klubitalon koulutuksesta

Helmikuussa 2018 Helsingin klubitalo toivotti tervetulleeksi Tallinnan ja Moskovan klubitalojen väkeä. He osallistuivat tarjoamaamme koulutukseen, jossa yhdessä amerikkalaisten kollegoittemme kanssa  englanniksi perehdyimme klubitalomallin mukaiseen toimintaan. Alla Tallinnan klubitalon johtajan tunnelmia kokemuksesta.

Helsinki Training Memories

When I think about Helsinki’s training, it reminds me different cultures,  comfortable pace and transparency. I’m grateful of having this opportunity to have both Finnish and American trainers. They made a great team together. I’ve been to America before and I just love how easy everything seems for them (of course it may not always be so): life is what it is and everything seems to have a solution! 🙂 They are smart and they always have something to say in a brilliant way with a great certainty. That’s something that we Estonians can definitely learn from.

And Finns! I’m a huge fan of Kaurismäki movies (both, Aki and Mika Kaurismäki) and maybe I see Finns through those movies, as slow, persistent, rational and serious. And at some points it’s very funny. I feel that we, Estonians, are also serious and when I look Finns, I see ourselves- taking everything so seriously. We are neighbors as countries and we both tend to look serious but I noticed from the training that Finns seem to feel good and enjoying life also, but Estonians rather look as constantly worrying about something. I may exaggerate a bit, but I’m saying this, because for me it was something that I admired in them and hopefully I learned from this training how to slow down, be relaxed and enjoy life… at work!

This is also what clubhouses are all about. It’s a place where is good to work together. Otherwise we isolate ourselves into our rushing and wanting things to get done instead of working against isolation, what are we meant to be.

It was amazing how the members and staff members from Finland were so calm and fresh in every situation. They had a two week training in house, but then I saw them continuing their every-day work at the same time: taking time for having “meeting planning meetings”, cleaning the toilets side by side, having fun in coffee breaks and then organizing all the training things.

I experienced a real strong clubhouse community feeling in the training and it makes me feel very proud to belong to this community and be one part of it. I learned a lot about being a strong clubhouse and I also had a good feeling about our Haabersti klubimaja’s journey. Our training team: Külli, Lea, Sten, Kärli Maria and Lauri made a wonderful action plan for our clubhouse and I’m very excited about taking those steps.




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